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Published: 7th Dec 2012

Areas of Derbyshire that are suffering from poor ADSL speeds could be in for a boost over the coming months if plans to invest £15 million in the county's internet infrastructure go ahead.

Amy Plenderleith, who represents Hilton on South Derbyshire District Council, told the Burton Mail she hopes funding will go to the not-spots still unable to access superfast services.

Further investment in the area is "fantastic" news for the communities involved and will help boost local firms that are trying to expand, the broadband champion added.

"There are businesses who aren’t quite able to access broadband, so if this money can go any way to address this that would help," declared Ms Plenderleith.

This follows research from the Labour party published in the Guardian revealing that broadband inequality is still a major issue in the UK, with many areas unable to access the top speeds seen elsewhere.

Posted by Mark Wynn