Worcestershire MP calls for action on broadband provision header image

Published: 10th Jun 2011

An MP has urged Worcestershire County Council to act quickly to tackle the issue of poor ADSL networks in the area.

West Worcestershire representative Harriett Baldwin wants the authority to speed up its bidding process in an attempt to access funding from the government, Tewkesbury Admag reports.

She claimed that although some parts of the county can get online, internet provision is "not acceptable" in other areas.

"It is now essential that the county council speeds up its planning process to make sure that the county gets a fair share of this important funding," Ms Baldwin continued.

Both homes and businesses are being affected by poor ADSL provision and the councillor said she has been speaking to local enterprises, parish council representatives and residents to better understand the full extent of the issue.

This comes after the News Post Leader reported Conservative leader for Northumberland Peter Jackson as saying the county is at a disadvantage due to its poor internet services.