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Published: 5th May 2016

BT Broadband has received a ban following misleading claims about the speed of its broadband and downloads compared to its competitors.

The company has been reprimanded three times since a series of adverts were broadcast on national television in October last year, reports Think Broadband.

Claims that the company has made concern its gaming performance and video calling, which it has said is superior to the likes of Virgin Media and Sky.

In fact, one advert directly states that "BT Infinity broadband offers more responsive gaming than Virgin Media".

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is clamping down on this, after it ran testing on the services provided by BT Infinity, which shows that its speeds are not as good as it claims.

Think Broadband has suggested that claims of better gaming performance cannot be measured through standard testing and the difference has to be noticeable by the consumer rather than using data.

For example, gaming on a Gigabit FTTH connection is unlikely to be noticeably different to an FTTC connection that is just as good.

However, BT is adamant that testing has shown that its claims stand up to the reality of its service's capabilities, regardless of the findings from the ASA.

Alongside this, the ASA is also looking further in to the industry and will be making strong advances to put a stop to misleading broadband adverts of any kind.

The Telegraph has reported that the ASA published research in January, which said that providers' approach to advertising is confusing their audiences.

As such, only 23 per cent of participants to the survey could correctly state how much the cost per month was for the broadband service after watching the adverts.

The ASA is hoping that from October, providers will be showing all-inclusive and monthly costs up front, instead of trying to hide the price of line rental and other charges.