Internet 'to permeate daily life' header image

Published: 10th Dec 2012

The Internet of Things - a term coined by British technologist Kevin Ashton in 1999 - is to become a reality in the coming years, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to Next Web, Greylock Partners data scientist DJ Patil suggested that data can be used to improve process throughout the world, with medicine being a particularly important area.

He added: "Why don't we have a world where the doctor looks at your data, calls you and says 'you're not looking that well, maybe you should come in now?'"

Apps such as MySugr, the data collection app for diabetics, are already helping people keep track of their illnesses and deal with difficult or high-maintenance conditions.

With such tools becoming more widespread, the importance of improving poor ADSL connections is evident.

Martha Lane Fox recently claimed in an International Longevity Centre report that the government's attempts to bring health and social services online must be matched with internet education for the elderly.

Posted by Mark Wynn