BT suffers UK-wide broadband outage header image

Published: 4th Feb 2016

Thousands of people all over the UK were left without broadband on Tuesday (February 2nd) after BT suffered a major service outage that affected a number of regions.

A spokesman said the problem was caused by a technical hitch with one of the telecoms company's major routers.

Suggestions that the issue was the result of a cyber attack were ruled out.

According to Down Detector, a website that monitors internet service failures, thousands of cases were being reported in locations as far apart as London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield.

BT took to Twitter to apologise to people who were affected by the network problems, which began at about 2:30pm.

The provider issued a statement at around 11:00pm saying it was confident services had been restored but customers might need to reboot their equipment to restart their broadband.

It said: "Our engineers have worked hard to fix this issue and they will continue to monitor the situation. As we stated earlier, we would like to apologise to any affected customers for the inconvenience caused."

BT's website was also down for a short time and some people experienced problems getting through to the company's customer service line.

Twitter provided a forum for disgruntled customers to express their frustration at the outage, leading to the hashtag #BTdown trending throughout the day.

This is the latest piece of bad PR for the telecoms group, which came in for criticism in a recent investigation by broadband advice website looking at high-speed broadband provision for new-build homes.

People living in new properties in areas like Plymouth, Exeter and Paisley said they were struggling with internet speeds of less than two megabits per second.

One resident told the website that BT had "a lot to do".

An alternative option for homeowners who can't get high-speed internet via fibre or copper cables is using a dish to get satellite broadband access.