People with poor broadband 'risk social disconnection' header image

Published: 12th Jan 2016

The internet has become such a ubiquitous and important part of modern life that people without a reliable broadband connection run the risk of being cut off from their friends, family and society at large, according to a property expert.

Danny Luke, managing director of Quick Move Now, was discussing the importance of high-quality home broadband in relation to the house buying process.

In April last year, comparison website GoCompare released a survey showing the most common things property hunters look for in their ideal home.

Good broadband emerged as the fourth most important 'must-have', behind only central heating, secure windows and doors, and double-glazing.

Seven out of ten people participating in the survey said fast and reliable internet access was essential.

Speaking to Broadband Genie, Mr Luke said people now rely on being able to get online in various areas of their lives, including work, socialising and enjoying entertainment.

"Mobile technology has changed the way we live our lives - we buy our clothes and groceries online, we do our work online, we even talk to our friends and make social arrangements online," he continued.

"Without a good broadband connection we suddenly become very disconnected from the world, so it's something that's very high up on potential homebuyers' lists of priorities and something we see increasing demand for."

Despite the government's project to extend superfast broadband to 90 per cent of the UK by the end of this year, there are still some parts of the country - particularly remote areas - that are struggling to get by with slow and unreliable internet connections.

One solution is satellite broadband, which uses a small satellite dish to receive a signal through the air, rather than relying on underground copper or fibre networks like BT.