60% of UK broadband users receive advertised speeds header image

Published: 25th Nov 2015

New research has revealed that 60 per cent of broadband customers in the UK are able to get the advertised speeds their provider has promised.

While this is a majority, it still leaves a third of consumers and businesses dealing with substandard internet access. In addition to this, six per cent did not know whether their internet connection was meeting its advertised speeds.

Despite this, the survey, conducted by ISPreview.co.uk, found that people are largely aware of the significance of broadband speed. Overall, 49 per cent of the 1,242 readers surveyed said that they thought knowing their broadband speed was “very important”, compared to 41 per cent who said it was “of average importance”. Only 9.5 per cent said that they didn’t think it was particularly important.

ISPreview.co.uk founder Mark Jackson said: “The ability to understand the real-world performance of your broadband connection is useful for both helping to spot faults and identifying whether or not your internet service provider (ISP) is delivering the promised performance.

“Thankfully, most consumers (60 per cent) do receive close to the estimated performance given by their ISP, although clearly the proportion that do not is still far too high.”

He also suggested that the figures could cast doubt on the government’s promise to connect 95 per cent of the UK to superfast broadband by 2017 if this unreliability continues.

It is not clear if the number of people getting the advertised speeds from their ISP will increase with the introduction of a universal service requirement, which the government has suggested as a way to help get more people connected to fast and reliable broadband.

Users who are not getting the advertised speed have the right to switch providers immediately without any penalty for terminating their contract early.