Nick Clegg 'concerned' about internet bill  header image

Published: 11th Dec 2012

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has expressed his concern with the current draft of the Communications Data Bill, suggesting that it has numerous flaws that must be dealt with before it is passed into law.

According to the politician, there is a concern that business with satellite broadband and other firms that rely on ecommerce and the internet could find themselves out of pocket if the bill goes ahead.

This follows the Joint Committee's findings on the potential law, which noted that its current breadth appears to be too extensive and that it could be difficult to put into practice.

"We need to reflect properly on the criticisms that the committee have made, while also consulting much more widely with business and other interested groups," Mr Clegg concluded.

The bill has been proposed as a way to encourage internet and data security across the UK, but many people are concerned that it has negative implications for personal privacy.

Posted by Craig Roberts