Viral video wins musician broadband compensation header image

Published: 19th Oct 2015

A musician has persuaded Virgin Media to compensate him for poor broadband service by writing a song about his experience and posting it online, according to the Leicester Mercury.

Musician Carlos Stein explained: “I need a good quality broadband to help me promote my music. It just wasn’t working as well as I think it should and when I wanted to contact the company to complain, I couldn’t.

“I spent ages on the phone trying to sort it out but to no avail. It was very frustrating to keep coming up against a brick wall. I am sure a lot of people can identify with my struggle so I decided to write a song about it to get my voice heard.”

The track, which is called Media-ocre, attracted the attention of Virgin Media, who agreed to offer him some compensation for his slow internet connection. He posted it on the company’s Facebook page, but it was removed. Mr Stein claims he has subsequently been banned from posting on the Virgin Media page.

Virgin Media told the Leicester Mercury: “We have apologised to Mr Stein and offered compensation for his below-speed service. Virgin Media is investing heavily in increasing broadband speeds for customers in Leicester whilst building our network to more homes in the city.”

Mr Stein has previously written a number of protest songs, tackling subjects including banks and major energy companies. However, this is not the first time a song has drawn attention to poor customer service or a substandard product.

For example, United Breaks Guitars was released by Canadian band Sons of Maxwell, documenting the damage their instruments suffered during a United Airlines flight in 2008. The song reached number one on the iTunes store and caused a significant drop in United’s share prices, reflecting the potential power of a viral video.