Ultrafast broadband launches header image

Published: 30th Sep 2015

Selected areas across the UK are now able to sign up for the latest development in broadband - an ultrafast connection.

Virgin Media is promising that customers will be able to access broadband with speeds of up to 200 mbps, up from its current top speed of 152 mbps. In addition to this, Sky is playing up its guaranteed 940 mbps connection, which it claims will be 500 times faster than its standard broadband.

Virgin’s new service, Vivid, will launch on October 1st, while Sky’s offering has already been rolled out to some customers in the city of York.

Of course, this all comes at a cost, as Virgin customers’ bills will rise by £1.75 per month - the fourth increase over the last three years. While Sky has yet to confirm price rises, these seem likely to follow due to the costs of upgrading the network to the new specifications.

The move appears to be a concerted bid to target BT’s business, as the new services use the latest fibre optic cables all the way to the individual properties, rather than the copper wiring used to connect the local cabinet to homes and businesses in Openreach connections.

BT is also under pressure from another angle, as concerns have been raised about its monopoly on the provision of broadband to areas of the UK that have been deemed uncommercial as part of a government contract.

Critics have suggested that Openreach should be hived off from the rest of BT’s business, which they claim would improve performance.

The news of ever faster connections will be exciting for some, but those in isolated areas still waiting for even a standard broadband connection, it may feel as if they are being left behind.

These people may be interested in the possibilities of satellite broadband, which can provide a fast and reliable connection to even the most remote properties.