Man builds own broadband mast header image

Published: 28th Aug 2015

It’s something many of us have imagined doing, but Salisbury Plains farmer Richard Guy made the fantasy of fast, reliable internet a reality when he realised that his 4G phone signal provided him with significantly better internet access than his broadband connection.

While some technologically aware people would have simply tethered their computer to their phone to take advantage of the disparity, Mr Guy decided to construct his very own communications mast, complete with LTE dongle in the toolbox, powered by a 12-volt solar battery.

This allowed him to connect to a fibreoptic network, which he claims has enormously increased the speed of his connection.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Guy said: “It’s a big problem for people in rural areas. The government told us that the Olympics would bring fast broadband to everyone in Britain. Well, the Olympics were some time ago now. The world assumes that everyone is online, but the 5% who can’t connect are just dismissed.

He added: “I decided to take matters into my own hands. We only had a one Mbps speed, which means everything is far too slow. Now I run at 69 Mbps, it runs everything perfectly.”

However, before you rush outside to try this for yourself, remember that Mr Guy has worked in IT since the 1980s, and has a considerable level of expertise.

People who find themselves in a similar position to this intrepid DIY farmer should instead consider the possibilities of satellite broadband. This can offer a strong, reliable internet connection, even in areas where wired connections are unavailable.

To help provide broadband to the five per cent of areas not covered by present connectivity programmes, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is considering a national levy that could increase monthly internet bills across the country by as much as a pound. However, it is still unclear when or in what form this push to connect the UK’s most isolated areas would come.