BT to invest £2.5m in Cumbria broadband header image

Published: 10th Aug 2015

BT has announced that it will invest a further £2.5 million into providing broadband in Cumbria. The county’s isolated location, full of awkward hills and mountains, has presented a consistent challenge when it comes to extending broadband access.

The funding is part of a £129 million investment aimed at providing superfast broadband to more areas than previously planned across the country, after it was revealed that more people than expected were upgrading to the faster connection.

The £2.5 million will be given to Cumbria County Council, who will then invest in the necessary infrastructure to pave the way for superfast broadband, working in collaboration with BT to target spending as effectively as possible.

Cumbria County Council cabinet member David Southward welcomed the news and said: "This money is a bit like a reward for delivering superfast fibre broadband on track and on time and surpassing the original expectations on how many people will be signing up to fibre."

"It looks like we're going to burst through that 20 per cent take-up figure into around a third of properties, so Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are allowing us to reinvest even more money into getting to more of the hardest to reach properties."

However, Cumbria won’t be the only area to benefit from the latest funding pledge. BT has committed £5.3 million to improve broadband access along the east coast of England. It has suggested that there will be a particular focus on the many isolated farms and villages of Norfolk, which currently suffer from widespread lack of reliable internet access, along with many mobile phone black spots.
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