Slow broadband negatively affecting UK businesses  header image

Published: 31st Jul 2015

Some 17.3 per cent of UK workers spend between six and ten minutes waiting for slow internet connections every day, research shows,change to full stop

A study by Europasat found that over a third (36.5 per cent) of Brits went to make food or drink while waiting for pages to load, while 25.6 per cent used the bathroom and 13.1 per cent simply shouted at the screen. 

Some 49.9 per cent of respondents claimed that their business did not receive the connection they paid for, whereas 62.2 per cent said they are frustrated when they are unable to log on. 

Stress (27.2 per cent), anger (25.6 per cent) and anxiety (16.1 per cent) were other feelings experienced as a result of intermittent or non-existent internet access. 

With regard to the impact of poor connections in work, 29.7 per cent admitted they used it as an excuse for their work being done late, or not being finished at all. It was found that waiting time increased as offices moved further away from city centres, with 38 per cent claiming internet speeds is their main frustration.

In a press release, Europasat explained: “The ever-growing digital divide between urban and rural workplaces needs to be bridged. 

“Slow internet connections can cause plenty of problems for workers on all rungs of the corporate ladder, ultimately leaving businesses based away from busy city centres at a disadvantage when trying to attract customers through online marketing and sales.”

The internet has turned into an absolute necessity for companies across the UK. Without a fast and stable connection, businesses may be overtaken by competitors and lose out on substantial amounts of money.