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Published: 31st Jul 2015

The internet offers a wide range of different applications for users to choose from. Whether you’re interested in music, videos or gaming, there is a wide spectrum of things to fill your time with.

Along with the numerous entertainment options available, there is a selection of extraordinarily useful programs that can help to make your everyday life much easier. Whether it’s planning your budget in a spreadsheet, or using Google docs to store your work, there’s a number of excellent tools. 

We’ll run through some of the best options available below to highlight the true usefulness of the internet. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based program that allows people to write documents, create spreadsheets and design presentations, among other things. It is a fantastic replacement for Microsoft Word as, firstly, it is free and, secondly, it can be used collaboratively. 

Therefore, if you and your team are working on a group project and the deadline is approaching, Google Docs will enable you to quickly put together a pitch. There’s no need for you to send emails back and forth - you simply need to edit the document and all the changes will be viewable to other contributors. 

It is arguably more secure than regular software too, as the documents are stored online, rather than being placed on someone’s PC or hard drive. In the past, backing up files was a challenging task for people as they had to store content on a range of different platforms. 

These days, the cloud means you only need to back up your files in one or two places, as the cloud is highly secure,  especially if folders are password-protected. 

Flash player

To truly make the most out of your internet connection, you should make sure you install the latest Flash player. This will enable you to watch media online easily and capitalise on highly beneficial media websites. 

This program is updated regularly, so it is important that computer users keep this software up to date so they can enjoy the internet to the fullest. 

Google Chrome

Once you have your internet connection, you will need to install a new browser to make sure that you can explore everything the web has to offer.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari: there are many browsers available for people to choose from, but Chrome is arguably the easiest for beginners to use. It is extremely fast and has the Google search engine built-in to the address bar, reducing the amount of typing that people need to do and allowing them to access their favourite sites as quickly as possible.