4 top entertainment options for internet beginners header image

Published: 31st Jul 2015

When you first install your internet connection, it is easy for you to become lost in the world wide web and end up being simply spoilt for choice. 

You could first visit YouTube and literally spend hours on the website and find it difficult to leave, as there are thousands of videos to watch and the search function is incredibly easy to use. 

With the whole internet as your oyster, it can be difficult for people to identify the best sites for their tastes so, to give you a start, here are four of the top online destinations for users:

1. YouTube

We may as well start with arguably the most entertaining website on the internet. Full of music, comedy, action and all the video content you could possibly hope for, YouTube is one of the most popular and powerful forces on the internet today. 

Simply type in some keywords that you may be interested in and see what results come up. You’ll be surprised at the sheer volume of content available on the site. Once you have properly familiarised yourself with the site, you could even have a go at creating some videos yourself.

2. Facebook 

Facebook often gets a bad reputation as the home of gossip and speculation. Take a look at your news feed and it’s likely you’ll come across an argument or two. 

However, for those who have never used the platform, it is a fantastic tool for interacting with friends and colleagues and can be used as an excellent news website. Social media is second to mobile phones as the top communication tool for society and, thankfully, Facebook is not all about personal affairs and there is much more for people to explore. 

3. Netflix 

Netflix is emerging as one of the strongest forces in modern television. Rather than tuning into BBC One and Channel Four and dealing with a high volume of adverts, you can now stream shows through the internet and select your own TV schedule.

The variety of shows available on the site is incredible, with comedies, action, horror and a range of other genres faithfully represented. If you’re getting frustrated at poor quality television, Netflix will be an excellent alternative. 

4. Spotify

Much like the internet, the music industry has changed significantly in recent years, with people moving from CDs to downloads and streaming.

In the past, people would need to spend up to £15 for a CD, but now people can take advantage of a massive library of music in just a few clicks. Spotify is one of the top options for music fans, as it allows them to quickly search through their favourite tracks and listen either online or offline.