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Published: 31st Jul 2015

The internet should not just be used to purchase products online, as there are an array of opportunities for people to make some extra money and supplement their income. 

Thanks to the development of broadband technologies. people can now advertise their own belongings and sell them to other people in just a few clicks, rather than needing to sell them to a second-hand store.

You can choose your own selling price, too, which will help people to be more flexible with how they charge for their own belongings.  If you simply need to get rid of something, you can charge a low price and wait for the buyers to come in. 

On the other hand, if you would like to earn some extra money, you can try to sell at a more expensive price and see if you can earn some extra cash. 

Where can I sell my products? 

There are many websites where people can sell products, ranging from large sites such as Gumtree and eBay to more specialised networks.

By using services such as PayPal, people can ensure that their transactions are handled securely and that they always receive payment for any of the items they sell.  Those who are new to the internet may be worried about exposing their personal details online. 

However, as long as websites have adequate encryption, people should not worry about potential data breaches. If you are concerned about the safety of your computer, run regular anti-virus checks and make sure your firewall is as secure as possible. 

Could I open my own shop?

There are many ways you can sell items online. You could use a pre-existing website, or start your own site and learn how to code and design an effective online presence. 

In the modern age, the ability to design and update a website will not only be beneficial in selling products; it could give you a boost in your job search and help to provide you with new skills that could assist you both professionally and personally. 

If you can learn how to introduce engaging media onto a website and understand how to track audience figures, you could find yourself becoming significantly more attractive to employers. 

To enhance your own skills, you should look online for resources to understand any gaps in knowledge that you may need to work on to become more of an authority in the field.

Who could I ask for help?

Along with all of the sites out there that can help to improve the skills of those interested in opening an e-commerce site, you will be surprised at the number of friends and family who may be able to offer a helping hand.

Once you have an internet connection, there is an unimaginable wealth of information out there to explore and, with the right guidance, you could quickly earn some extra money to supplement your main income.