Weak Wi-Fi forces consumers to use mobile data header image

Published: 23rd Jul 2015

Many consumers are now being forced to use mobile data due to the poor quality of their Wi-Fi services, a new study has found.

Research from Global Wireless Solutions found that one in four users now use mobile data at home due to poor Wi-Fi networks, despite many companies celebrating voice-over-Wi-Fi technology.

The study revealed that one in seven respondents make the decision not to connect to their home Wi-FI network because their speed is either slow or unreliable. Some 13 per cent of those polled also said that they never connect their mobile devices to their home’s Wi-Fi network.

Of the tasks undertaken using mobile data, social media was the most popular (57 per cent), just in front of messaging (52 per cent), internet shopping (46 per cent), mobile games (41 per cent) and working from home (40 per cent). 

Paul Carter, chief executive officer of GWS, said: “Network operators are under a great deal of pressure to improve the UK’s mobile networks and eliminate signal blackspots around the country.

Mr Carter went on to say that, despite companies claiming that voice-over-Wi-Fi services could fix the problem, there are many issues that come with the technology.

The study also looked at data from inside and outside over 50 homes in London, finding that maintaining a connection to 4G networks is much more challenging inside properties. 

Mr Carter explained that modern Brits are now more adept at switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to stay connected while they are on the move. 

However, he stressed that people should not need to use the same tricks in order to connect to the internet at home. Mr Carter noted that how a connection is made is not important to the customer, it simply needs to be secured.