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Published: 23rd Jul 2015

The internet has moved from being a luxury technology to a necessity for Britons, who rely on the technology to deal with their monthly bill payments and other monthly jobs. 

In the past, consumers would need to pay their bills through direct debit or cheque, both of which come with their own faults, but a broadband connection allows people to pay their bills in just a few clicks regardless of whether they are one-off payments or not. 

At a time when many people are struggling to find the right work/life balance, the internet allows them to complete a number of small jobs easily and without taking up too much time. 

While in the past, you may have needed to purchase a DIY magazine to tackle a breakage in your home, or enlist the help of a friend to go through your budget, advice on these matters is easily available through the internet. 

Here are just some of the tasks that people can complete with minimal hassle using their broadband connection.

Monthly bills

Bills are something we all wish we never had to pay but, unfortunately, they cannot be avoided. However, before the internet, it was much harder to manage monthly bills. We had to keep all of our paper, add up all of our sums with a calculator and, more often than not, we’d get the sums wrong and have no evidence besides some sheets of paper.

However, with the internet, it is easy for people to track their electricity and gas usage and spot any inaccuracies as soon as possible, enabling them to save money and avoid from being overcharged. 


Saving money is tough and, with the cost of living now much higher than it has been before, it is crucial for consumers to be wise with their spending. 

Rather than writing down their ingoings and outgoings on paper, the internet gives people the opportunity to build spreadsheets detailing all of their spending. What’s more, financial advice is just a few clicks away. Are you wondering which the cheapest supermarket is, or perhaps you want to know the best value energy supplier? All of this information is available in just a few clicks!

Emergency DIY

Over the course of a year, it is likely that something in your home will break. It may be that your curtains have fallen down, or your window frames need repainting. Whatever the case is, there will be a DIY guide available online for residents to follow.

In the past, these kind of DIY jobs could only be completed by reading relevant magazines, or by seeking a capable friend. While these resources are no less useful, sites like YouTube offer in-depth video tutorials free of charge that can enable people to complete DIY work without issues.