Stannington residents complain over broadband delays header image

Published: 13th Jul 2015

Residents in Stannington have complained about their working lives being affected after being left waiting for high-speed internet to be installed in their area.

Local newspaper The Star has reported that householders have been left waiting since January 2012 for faster access to internet services, whereas others lost their fibre broadband connections when the Digital Region scheme closed last year.

These people have had access to dial-up services but believe they are too slow for residents to work from home or complete everyday tasks. Former customers of the Digital Region scheme were told that BT would be able to upgrade them by November 2014, though this date was later pushed back until June 30th before being delayed again until March 2016.

Some individuals who were served by the Digital Region in the area will not be served by the new cabinet when it is installed. Commenting on the situation, a spokesperson told the newspaper: “We are sorry about this further delay. We appreciate people have been looking forward to the faster broadband speeds this upgrade will bring.”

“We are currently working on power provision for this cabinet and hope it will be up-and-running within the next three months.”

Managing director Richard Timms, who works on global projects, told the news provider that the situation was simply “embarrassing”, explaining that he cannot work at home because it feels like he is in “the stone age”. 

He went on to say that, if he knew the upgrades would have taken so long, he would have considered moving house due to the impact it has had on his work life.

With such high numbers of people now working from home regularly, it is more important than ever before that residents can benefit from fast broadband services.