Improved broadband 'on the way' in West Sussex header image

Published: 13th Jun 2011

West Sussex residents may soon have access to satellite broadband or other high-speed internet services, despite the county council missing out on government funding late last month.

Its bid to be granted cash from Broadband Delivery UK's (BDUK's) second allocation was unsuccessful, but culture secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed funding for every local authority will be allocated by next month, the Littlehampton Gazette reports.

Local leaders do not yet know how much money will be available to them, but council leader Louise Goldsmith said she is "pleased" cash is on the way.

"We will now be working with BDUK to strengthen our plan and look forward to the secretary of state's announcement in July," she was quoted by the news source as saying.

Devon, Somerset, Norfolk and Wiltshire all received cash from the BDUK scheme and will use the funding to improve the poor ADSL services on offer to some rural residents.