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Published: 30th Jun 2015

The UK is a divided nation when it comes to communications.

This is according to a Welsh MP who has criticised the lack of broadband and mobile connectivity in parts of the country.

Anglesey MP Albert Owen has accused the government of letting telecommunications companies "off the hook" in their obligations to improve services across the UK. He also claimed Britain is becoming "two nations" due to the difference between connectivity haves and have-nots, Wales Online reports.

Guto Bebb, MP for Aberconwy, added that nine of the 20 worst performing areas for broadband are located in Wales.

"Many of the cabinets and exchanges in my constituency have the facility and the infrastructure, but we are talking about the last mile ... Many commercial companies do not see the value in rolling out from the cabinets and exchanges to households and businesses in my constituency," he stated.

These concerns were echoed by Ceredigion MP Mark Williams, who said his constituency ranks 646th out of the UK's 650 for average internet speed. He added that super-fast availability in the region currently stands at just 12 per cent.

"The critical issue for me is businesses and the development of a rural economy," Mr Williams stated.

Due to its high number of rural communities, Wales particularly suffers from a lack of broadband connectivity. As a result, many people in the country are still waiting for super-fast services to become available, or may be left out of the rollout all together. 

In both cases, satellite broadband is an ideal way for households and businesses to get online.