Make the most of summer with your broadband connection header image

Published: 30th Jun 2015

When you think of summer pursuits, surfing the web isn't really the first thing that comes to mind. After all, why would you want to spend a lovely sunny day stuck in front of your computer screen? 

However, that doesn't mean the internet can't help you make the most of this time of the year. Here a few ways you can use your broadband connection to ensure you have a summer to remember. 

Find out what's going
Want to get outside in the sunshine but have nothing to do? The ideal way to find out what's going on in your area is to head to the web. Whether it's a music festival, activities for the kids, or a good place to enjoy a drink or two in the sun, all the information you could ever need is just a few clicks of a button away.

Get kitted out
In need of a new summer wardrobe? Why not see what you can find online rather than heading straight to the high street? You can often find bargains online that aren't available in-store and your purchases will be delivered straight to your door, meaning you'll barely have to move a muscle and can get on with the relaxing that summer was meant for.

Stream some summer tunes
No BBQ or garden party is complete without a cracking playlist. Thanks to the internet, the days of faffing around creating mix tapes and CDs is over. Online streaming services such as Spotify provide instant access to the vast majority of recorded music ever produced, allowing you to create the ultimate summer playlist. From Abba through to Frank Zappa, you'll be able to listen to all of your favourites in the summer sun.

Get away
Want to get away this summer? Head online and start planning your holiday. Whether it's a trip to Skegness or South Africa, the internet has made planning your adventure more simple than ever. You can easily compare flight and hotel prices online and can read the reviews of other travellers to help you make your decision.

Enjoy the best of both worlds
Are you keen to enjoy the summer sunshine, but can't quite tear yourself away from your computer screen? If you haven't already, why not invest in a tablet or smartphone? That way you'll be able to surf the web whether you're inside or out. Whether it's checking your social media newsfeeds or streaming your favourite TV show, you'll be able to do it all while lounging in the garden and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts.