Are you getting the broadband speeds you've been promised? header image

Published: 24th Jun 2015

As many as 15 million UK households are not getting the broadband speeds that have been advertised to them by their service providers, a new report reveals.

A survey carried out by Which? led to the discovery that only 26 per cent of homeowners and tenants are receiving the internet connectivity speeds they are paying for, despite 90 per cent of respondents stating that speed was an important factor when it came to choosing a provider.

This means up to 15 million homes and businesses throughout the country could be missing out on opportunities due to a lack of reliable broadband.

The Which? poll forms part of the company's Give Us Broadband Speed Guaranteed campaign, which calls on the government and industry regulator Ofcom to ensure that UK residents can access the broadband speeds they are promised in reality.

At present, this is often not the case, with the research from Which? finding that just 17 per cent of properties can enjoy average speeds that match the advertised level and only 15 per cent can access these during the peak evening period.

What's more, the survey found that households in the countryside are significantly less likely than their urban counterparts to be able to get online at the speed promised by their provider, perhaps indicating why many rural residents prefer to opt for alternative connectivity methods, such as satellite broadband, instead.

In total, 98 per cent of those living in remote parts of the UK reported that they typically couldn't get the speeds originally pledged to them, while 31 per cent of those living in towns and cities could log on to the internet with the maximum advertised speed.

Executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd commented: "It's not good enough that millions of homes are so poorly served by their broadband provider with speeds that just don't live up to what was advertised.

"Broadband is an essential part of life these days, so people shouldn't be persuaded to buy a package which is never going to live up to expectations."