Hampshire County Council calls for power to ensure better broadband is made available header image

Published: 18th Jun 2015

Hampshire County Council has called on the government to give local authorities the power to ensure superfast broadband is offered in now homes as standard.

The organisation wants councils to have clear legal powers to insist that a fast internet connection is made available as part of the planning process.

Leader of Hampshire County Council Roy Perry stated: "The county council believes that developers, as well as residents, would benefit if superfast broadband was widely available at new sites. Developers are taking more and more steps in this direction, and we would like to see this happen at a faster pace."

Superfast availability in Hampshire currently stands at 80 per cent and the county's Superfast Broadband Programme aims to raise this figure to 95 per cent, although the target date for this not until 2018. 

The council's call for legal powers to ensure new homes are built with superfast connectivity already available is clear evidence of the growing importance of fast and reliable broadband. However, it remains to be seen whether the government will pass the regulation required to make this possible. 

Many people in Hampshire are still waiting for superfast internet to be made available in their area, while five per cent are set to miss out on the project regardless.

If you're worried you might fall into the final five per cent or are tired of waiting for an improved service, satellite broadband is a viable alternative. The technology can provide connection speeds that are above the national average and thanks to the Avonline Fibre Guarantee, you can switch to a superfast service at no extra cost should it become available.