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Published: 27th May 2015

Complaints made to Ofcom against providers of telecoms and pay TV services have fallen for the nine-month period between April and December 2014.

According to the latest analysis of data from the communications regulator, this is a continuation of a “long-term downward trend”.

Ofcom revealed that its report considered for the first time data from operators that have a small market share (of at least 1.5 per cent).

This resulted in the inclusion of EE, Plusnet and Post Office HomePhone in the category of landline; Plusnet in broadband; and Talk Mobile and Tesco Mobile in pay-monthly mobile figures.

“Complaints figures help inform consumers’ choices of telecoms and pay TV services,” commented Claudio Pollack, director of Ofcom’s content and consumer group.

“There are now more providers included in our report, so people can compare complaints figures for all the biggest companies.

“While operators still have room to improve their performance, it’s encouraging to see a continuing decline in the total volume of complaints.”

EE topped the charts as the most complained about landline and broadband provider, with most grievances directed towards difficulties in changing provider, faults, service and provision issues and matters concerning bills.

The company, which was formed when T-Mobile and Orange merged together in 2010, is set to be snapped up by the BT Group, which has agreed to pay £12.5 billion for EE.

Announced in February, the deal is currently subject to regulatory approval, which may not come through until the end of 2015.

In an official press release delivered at the time, BT said: “The combination of EE and BT will provide customers with innovative, seamless services that combine the power of fibre broadband with Wi-Fi and advanced mobile capabilities."

Its chief executive, Gavin Patterson, described it as a “major milestone”, as it will enable it to speed up its mobility and investment plans.