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Published: 27th Apr 2015

An adequate broadband connection is becoming increasingly important and is now one of the main reasons why people move house, according to new research from a real estate agent.

The study from Strutt & Parker revealed that more than one-third (35.8 per cent) of the 2,000 respondents polled said the quality of the internet service available to their property was either 'important' or 'very important' when deciding whether to move or not.

Of the top ten factors considered when purchasing a new home, lifestyle change, cited by 49.3 per cent, ranked first, while proximity to shops and other amenities and broadband connectivity followed with 39.3 per cent and 35.8 per cent of the vote respectively.

Perhaps the most salient point highlighted in the study was that access to a fast and reliable broadband service was more important to respondents than being close to family and friends, which was cited by 34.3 per cent as a reason to move house.

Connectivity also ranked higher than finding a bigger living space compared to what participants have currently (34.3 per cent) and better access to public transport, such as trains and buses (29.3 per cent).

Mobile internet was also highlighted as a crucial factor to consider when deciding whether to purchase a new property, with 19.3 per cent of respondents citing 2G, 3G and 4G services as a motivator.

Strutt & Parker's survey also revealed that broadband connectivity is the dream item for a new home, ranking higher than a garage, shed or outbuildings, off-street parking, extra space for storage and local recycling services.

Stephanie McMahon, head of research at the real estate agent, commented: “The survey results paint an interesting picture - the quintessential British farmhouse surrounded by quiet countryside clearly remains as an enduring ideal for many.

"For the second year in a row, lifestyle change was the biggest motivation for moving, followed by access to shops and amenities. A new category for the survey this year was broadband connectivity, which has shot in as the third highest motivation and highlights the desire to be technologically connected."