Avonline 'scraps satellite broadband connection charge for some councils' header image

Published: 20th Apr 2015

Some communities in certain local authorities are being offered the chance to have Avonline's satellite broadband installed and activated in their homes without having to pay for it to be fitted.

Last week, our firm announced that we have scrapped the connection charge for residents and businesses in areas of the country where there is a co-operation agreement in place between us and the council.

Currently, local authorities in Northumberland, Northamptonshire and Cornwall are participating in the schemes, while partner organisations include the National Farmers Union (NFU) and Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

Mark Wynn, managing director of Avonline, commented: "It is becoming increasingly clear from the recent announcements by official bodies, and in the chancellor's Budget statement, that around 1.5 million mostly-rural homes and businesses have no realistic hope of getting super-fast broadband from the large infrastructure providers in the foreseeable future."

He explained that satellite broadband is one of the only viable solutions available to these communities over the next two to five years, while they are waiting for super-fast speeds to be rolled out to their areas.

Mr Wynn added that our firm's priority is to make our satellite broadband capacity easily available to homes and businesses living in rural parts of Britain, particularly to interest groups where we have built a partnership with local authorities.

The deal with councils in Northumberland, Northamptonshire and Cornwall is worth £150 per customer and is available to those who sign up to our 22 Mbps satellite broadband service.