Oxfordshire village residents 'left without broadband' header image

Published: 10th Apr 2015

For the last two weeks, residents living in two separate villages in south Oxfordshire have been left without a working broadband service and are no closer to finding the source of the problem.

According to the Oxford Times, those living in Lewknor and Aston Rowant have had to struggle along without the internet or working phone lines for the last 14 days, while provider BT has been unable to resolve the issue or discover its cause.

Despite not knowing what it responsible for the blackout, the firm has told residents it is planning to install new underground cables by early next week.

A spokesperson for BT told the website: "We are hoping to work through the weekend and have lines reconnected early next week.

“However, if we encounter further difficulties when digging up the cable this could extend the length of time it takes us to get everyone’s service back to normal."   

In the meantime, residents and businesses have been forced to cope without broadband, which is leading to big issues for some.

Chris Foster, one of those affected, said that local firms have been facing problems when trying to do simple things like take payments via credit or debit cards, while children have been struggling to complete their homework that was set for the Easter holidays.

He said that he contacted BT to discuss the fact that he was unable to connect his computer to the internet or use the phone, but was left frustrated by the firm's response and lack of action.

“People have tried contacting them but have got a different story every time,” Mr Foster explained.

Julie Gordon, landlady of the Leathern Bottle pub in Lewknor, who has also been experiencing the same problem, told the website that she has lost business because of the issue, as she has been forced to turn customers away because she couldn't accept card payments.

She feels that BT have treated the two villages unfairly, first saying it would be resolved within 48 hours, then by April 2nd and then the 10th, but it still hasn't been fixed.