Slow broadband on new Fife estate 'upsets resident' header image

Published: 25th Mar 2015

Despite waiting for months, a Fife resident is no closer to finding out when he will get super-fast broadband installed in the village he lives in.

According to, Chris Ramsay moved into a home on a new housing estate in Kinglassie in 2014 and was informed that he and his neighbours would gain access to improved connectivity by the end of the year.

Despite the local exchange being upgraded in October to accommodate super-fast speeds, the cabinet connecting the new housing estate was not. Fast forward to now and Mr Ramsay and his fellow residents are still struggling with a snail-paced internet service.

He and his family are unable to do things they have previously enjoyed, such as streaming TV shows and films through Netflix and playing online games.

Rather than just waiting around, Mr Ramsay has been very proactive and has contacted both Fife Council and BT Openreach to find out when he will be given access to fast speeds, but has so far been unable to get an answer.

He told the website: "Kinglassie is a small village, my estate is a new bit added about seven years ago and there’s one cabinet feeding the whole new estate. I’ve been told the exchange is live, but the cabinet isn’t."

"One of my colleagues spoke to one Openreach guy who happened to be part of the team that wired up Kinglassie for fibre optic broadband, and he says they didn’t even run the cable to my cabinet. So one person says one thing, and another says something else. It’s pretty frustrating.”

The most irritating part for Mr Ramsay is that he lives a mere 800 yards from a friend who can get super-fast broadband, as he is served by a different cabinet located in an older part of the village. His pal is able to get speeds of up to 58 Mbps, compared to the 6.5 Mbps the new housing estate struggles with.

Mr Ramsay believes that he is actually one of the lucky ones out of his neighbours, as those that live in houses further away from the cabinet can only access speeds of 1 Mbps.

He is now lobbying local residents, politicians and Fife Council to get some solid answers about when the estate can expect to be upgraded to super-fast speeds and find out what is behind the delay.