UK businesses losing billions every year 'due to poor broadband' header image

Published: 20th Mar 2015

Poor internet connections are costing British companies more than £11 billion every year, according to research from Business ISP Daisy Group.

The study reveals that this figure is being lost through reduced productivity, with almost two-fifths (39 per cent) of the respondents claiming that their broadband at home is faster than what they can access at work.

Slow internet speeds are causing 38 hours of work to be lost each year for every employee - equivalent to a full working week.

Daisy's study highlighted that the average employee is unable to complete the responsibilities attached to their roles for up to 44 minutes every week because of inadequate broadband, while seven per cent of respondents claimed their internet comes to a standstill more than ten times in any seven-day period.

When employees were forced to struggle through sluggish periods, almost two-thirds (60 per cent) admitted to using their smartphones for non-related work activities, such as shopping online, checking social media and playing games.

Furthermore, one in ten (nine per cent) of respondents said they used their gadgets to look for other jobs when the internet at work runs at snail pace or stops working altogether.

Jan Wielenga, product manager for data networks at Daisy, commented: "Too many businesses are still relying on basic ADSL connections that are aimed at the residential users. These are the businesses that struggle to cope with the high-bandwidth demands of software and apps that workers use.

"It is simply unacceptable for businesses that rely heavily on the internet to experience periods of downtime, particularly at a time when fibre and dedicated ethernet connections have never been more affordable and available."

She added that although 44 minutes of slow or halted internet may not sound like much in a week, businesses can suffer from a significant loss in productivity as a result.