Broadband problems 'plague resident of Worcestershire town' header image

Published: 27th Feb 2015

A seriously-ill woman living in a town in Worcestershire has been left without broadband for the last six months and has been unable to get Sky to confirm when she will be able to get online.

Evesham resident Jill Vizor moved to The Orchards housing development in July last year, after being advised to move to a ground floor flat due to her medical condition. She signed up to a Sky broadband package, as it was the only company willing to provide the service at her new address.

As she currently has no way to get online, she's been left in a position where she can't order her medication through the internet, forcing her to travel to her local library to use a computer there, the Evesham Observer reports.

Her issues have attracted the attention of local MP Sir Peter Luff, who described the case a "spectacular failure" on the part of BT Openreach - which owns and runs the network provided by Sky - in a recent House of Commons debate on rural broadband.

Ms Vizor was moved to the Barratt Homes development through the council, as she has severe difficulties in getting up and down the stairs due to her illness.  

"However, there’s no landline and there’s no internet and we still haven’t been given a date for when that’s supposed to happen," she told the newspaper.

Her previous provider TalkTalk informed her that it would not be able to move the service to the new address, which led her to sign up with Sky. Ms Vizor was originally informed that the new line would be installed in August 2014, but this did not happen and she still isn't sure why.

She feels that Sky duped her into signing up to the service, adding that the firm is saying it can do things that it can't because there isn't the necessary infrastructure in place.

A spokesperson for the firm said: "We share Ms Vizor’s frustration at the delay to her line installation and we apologise that we have not been able to resolve the situation more quickly. Sky, like most other ISPs, is wholly reliant on BT Openreach in cases such as this and so unfortunately aren’t able to fix the issues ourselves."

However, Sky and BT seem to be passing the book rather than taking responsibility for the issue, with the latter saying Openreach is to blame, as it needs to install a broadband cabinet in the area first.