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Published: 20th Feb 2015

We've said adios to Christmas, goodbye to Valentine's Day and now Mother's Day is just around the corner, meaning we all need to find a nice way to thank our mums without depleting our funds too much.

If the thought of trawling through dozens of shops, while fighting off other people desperate to find a perfect gift fills you with dread, you're not alone. However, you have a powerful weapon in your arsenal, that will ensure you get her something she'll love - the internet.

A few clicks could be all that's standing in between you and a Mother's Day gift that will keep you in the good books for years to come.

Here's how to use the internet to find your mum the perfect present.

What does she want?

Firstly, can you remember what you got her last year? If you can't, it's likely that she does, as we all know that mums have superb memories for stuff like this. You want to make sure you're getting her something she really wants every year, like a bottle of her favourite perfume, or a gift that's completely unique, such as a handmade hamper.

Whatever you do, try to avoid the cliches. Research from comparison website reveals that she wants quality time with the family, gift cards or a fancy meal, not flowers, chocolates or jewellery.

Thinking outside the box

The internet can be used to help you really think unconventionally and keep away from the old familiar gifts your mum is bound to be expecting this year.

Stick 'mother's day gift' in to a search engine and you will immediately be inundated with websites claiming to offer the best ideas in the world, so enter something else. How about 'unique gift' or 'personalised present' instead?

Not on the High Street or Etsy

You could spend hours painstakingly crafting a gift for your mum with your own hands, or you could use websites like Etsy and Not on the High Street to find someone who will do that for you. Using these sites means you can find a present that is totally unique and individual, as well as something you're guaranteed to never have given her before.

How about getting her a set of coasters made from family snaps or a necklace with your and your siblings' names engraved on it? If she enjoys cooking, how about a personalised apron or a recipe card box that already contains her favourite dishes?  If she's fond of a tipple, you could get her a cocktail kit for her favourite drink or wine glasses that have her name written on them.

Websites like these are full of gifts that really do have a personal touch and you could find her something that she will treasure forever.

It's the experience that counts

You don't have to get her a present that will last forever, you could buy her memories that will last for the rest of her life.

Red Letter Days, or something of a similar ilk, could be the perfect gift for a mum who's a bit spontaneous or who likes a little taste of luxury every now and again. You can pay for her to go skydiving, bungee jumping or for her to go on a spy games adventure if she's outgoing.

For the mum who likes to be wined and dined, you could buy an experience day that will let her have a gourmet meal in a posh hotel or for her to have afternoon tea with a friend.

Whatever you do, don't forget the date! This year's Mother's Day falls on Sunday March 15th.