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Published: 13th Feb 2015

The owner of a small company based in an East Staffordshire town has shared his experiences of how poor broadband can be bad for business.

Dominik Stingas Paczko told his local newspaper, the Burton Mail, that he has had to put up with snail-paced connectivity for years before the issue was resolved by BT, which had a negative impact on his firm.

The record label owner added that his broadband was so slow and inconsistent that he was unable to watch videos on YouTube - one of the places he used to hunt for new talent. He also said that it took him five times longer than it should to complete work due to the poor connectivity.

Mr Stingas Paczko explained to the newspaper: "I rely on my internet connection, but everything takes five or six times longer.

"These are modern times and we're struggling to live. You can't do anything - it's unreal. There are a lot of things people take for granted that we just can't do."

When the businessman sought a resolution for his broadband woes, BT tried to dismiss him by describing the required upgrades as not "financially viable" before the rollout of super-fast broadband came to his area.

However, Mr Stingas Paczko persisted and the improvements needed were carried out in the summer. The 35-year-old said this has made a massive difference to his business, meaning he has the level of connectivity needed to properly run his record label.

A report released in January by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reveals that small firms are being hindered by poor broadband, particularly in rural areas of the country. The study revealed that these companies were almost twice as unhappy with their internet service compared to their urban counterparts.

Commenting on the study, Mike Cherry, national policy chairman at the FSB, said: "This research paints a worrying picture of a divided business broadband landscape in the UK, and unless addressed, highlights a clear obstacle to growth."

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