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Published: 26th Jan 2015

By now, the winter blues are probably getting you down. Waking up in the and going home in the dark, while battling arctic-cold rain and snow means you're probably imagining yourself on a beach somewhere tropical.

Now is the perfect time to book your next holiday, as it will give you something to look forward to until winter finally departs. The internet is a mighty weapon when looking for cheap deals on your next trip, you just need to know where to look.

Here are some of the best websites you should look at when booking your next vacation online.


This website has over 26 million subscribers across the globe, meaning it is one of the biggest and best websites to find a good deal for your next holiday. One of the best things about Travelzoo is its 'Top 20 Deals' section, which features the 20 most unbeatable offers the site's researchers can find, including city breaks, resort packages, hotel stays and cruises.

The 'Top 20' section is useful as it is detailed, outlining how much you can save, between what dates you can travel and why Travelzoo thinks it is an impressive deal.

Founded in 1998, this website is a veteran that still has a lot of life left in it. These days, it doesn't just offer last-minute deals, as you can also find holidays suitable for advanced bookings at good prices. This website is particularly useful if you're looking for sun-and-sea packages and hotel stays and it usually has a hefty discount.

Massive savings can be made through booking one of Lastminute's 'Top Secret Hotel' deals, but you take a big risk, as the name of the hotel isn't revealed until you've handed over your cold hard cash.

Teletext Holidays

Although the days of Teletext and Ceefax are long behind us, Teletext Holidays has endured, moving from the television to the internet in 2009. This website offers you a massive choice of bargains, so if you're unsure on where you want to go, you can get inspiration from the site. You can use the search function to look for specific resorts or destinations if you've already decided where to go.

You can even look through staff favourites and read about why specific deals or locations have been singled out as good value for money.

Secret Escapes

There's no doubt that you've seen this website advertised on television countless times but never thought anything of it. However, Secret Escapes could be the key to finding your next holiday at a discounted price. It is a great website for flash sales and deals with four and five-star hotels, both in the UK and abroad.

Using the website, you can see how each discount is calculated and it actively encourages you to compare the price to another provider to see how much you're actually saving. There's no joining fee and you can be signed up and searching for your next trip in minutes. Be aware that there is an additional booking fee, so keep that in mind when you're comparing deals.