Suffolk residents forced to wait for better broadband header image

Published: 20th Jan 2015

Certain residents of Suffolk are facing an extended wait for access to faster broadband.

Some 85 per cent of the county had originally been promised connection speeds of 24Mbps or more by the end of this year, while the remainder would be guaranteed at least two Mbps.

However, the Better Broadband for Suffolk programme, which is being carried out by Suffolk County Council, BT and the government, has recently signed a new contract, which means delivery of the improved service will be delayed in some areas, the Diss Express reports.

As a result of this development, people in places such as Wortham and Burgate may have to wait for as long as three years to enjoy faster broadband. 

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council stated: "The Wortham and Burgate area suffers from not having a cabinet nearby, so is not set to benefit from our first Better Broadband contract, which will see 85 per cent coverage overall by autumn this year.

“However, we do expect to cover the area with the new contract, which will get us to 95 per cent coverage by 2017/18."

Stephen Rash, Wortham and Burgate parish council chairman, told the newspaper: "There is little we can do about it, but it is disappointing that we are at the end of the rollout for extra-fast broadband."

Mr Rash said he expects this situation is not unique and is a problem experienced by many other isolated villages across the UK.

This is not the first time the Diss Express has reported on broadband problems in the Wortham and Burgate area, as earlier this month it was revealed the parish council clerk had written to head of BT Sir Michael Rake about this issue.

Netty Verkroost contacted the telecoms chief with the results of a survey that revealed the lack of connectivity is seen as the worst thing about living in the region.