Sky launches new programming service for TV customers header image

Published: 15th Jun 2011

Individuals with a Tooway 6 satellite broadband connection may soon be able to enjoy new services from Sky.

The broadcaster has announced that from next month, its channels and programmes will be available free of charge to Sky TV customers on a range of devices.

Entitled Sky Go, the service will enable people to catch their favourite shows on their PC, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone.

Stephen van Rooyen, deputy managing director of Sky's Customer Group, said the change was introduced due to the "explosion" in popularity of these types of machines.

"In responding to that - and to create even more value, choice and flexibility for our customers - we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge," he stated.

Earlier this month, managing director of Web TV Jamie Estrin said a growing number of internet users are watching premium quality videos online, which may lead to greater levels of consumer engagement.