VoIP remain popular, survey finds header image

Published: 30th Jun 2011

VoIP remains the most popular service currently being deployed over the protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS), a new study has revealed.

Excerpts from an Infonetics Research survey also showed a surge in interest for mobile products in 2011, following interviews with those who have IMS core equipment in their networks.

Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at the organisation, said that 35 per cent of respondents currently have VoIP systems and other mobile options running over 3G, adding that this is expected to rise to around 78 per cent by 2013.

According to the figures, there remain few impediments to IMS deployment, with only a small number of those polled rating factors as 'definitely a barrier'.

However, the most cited problem was difficulties in integration with existing back-end systems.

Writing for Billing & OSS World magazine, Dan Baker recently described VoIP as one of the telecommunication sector's greatest success stories.