Our Speed Guarantee

Our commitment at Avonline is to provide you with the fastest broadband speeds possible in your area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit adium.

With some of our packages we can offer a guarateed download speed of 9Mbps with no heavy traffic lmitations or time based data usage. Lorem ipsum dolor sit adium lorem ipsum dolor sit.

Our Price Guarantee

At Avonline our aim is to provide the very best and lowest pricing possible throughout your contract with us. Lorem ipsum dolor sit adium.

We will guarantee not to increase your monthly service price during your initial contract period with us, or during the first 12 months if you select a rolling 30 day contract. That is our price guarantee.


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Our Fibre Guarantee

For many rural households, the hope that fibre may come along at some point in the future stops them from improving their poor broadband today.

With Avonline when you choose Satellite Broadband today we guarantee that as soon as fibre becomes available for you home we wiill switch you over and end your Satellite contract. It's that easy!